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2013-08-04_11.33.31[1]Kolli Hills is located near Namakkal.  A famous hills which already known for a rumor (Ghost). In the month of AADI (tamil month) most of the peoples visit kolli hills. I traveled by bike really good to see the beauty of nature. Very thrilled ride through the 70 hairpin bends within 20 KM. First I reached the garden and enjoyed the flower show as like Ooty not that much flowers but little good to take snaps. After that I reach the Boat house the total scenery are too good to spend time there. After I reached ETTIKKAI AMMAN TEMPLE a very good dharshan  and start travel to ARAPALEESHWARAR TEMPLE from that temple I need to walk a kilometer to reach AGAYA GANGAI VEELCHI. After a long Que we get dharshan of arapaleeshwarar and then move to PERIYASAMY TEMPLE at the peak of the hill on that way another falls called MASILA ARUVI enjoyed lot in that falls. Finally   I finished my dharshan and start climb down and purchase the famous things of kolli hills like Jack fruit, Pineapple,pepper and then return to my native.