Hateful Tales of life in Sonagachi

I am sure some people will not like this post but I have to share about this because while seeing this posters in FB it asked me a question whether we have  humanity or not. So I need to share my thoughts here about their life.

Brahma created as equally, we were separated us by the colour,job,religion,caste and financial levels. All forget the humanity. Just think we never tolerate at any situation if a ugly person sits near us in bus. Bus is common and you both are human then why this complex between us, because the only reason is the prestige.  Apart from this we go for some different profession peoples who were always discriminated by their profession but they were used by some person personally those who blaming them. Ya  I am speaking about the sex workers. when we walked through the streets of SONAGACHI, Asia’s largest Red Light area. What will we think about them and what we feel while crossing the streets we feel ashamed on us for travelling through this streets and also we hurt them by words or through eyes. what they did they make and they also a human. If anybody have a try to know about their lives of ones in the profession and how society looks at them. we never do that where is our humanity gone. Think one thing they are not interested to do that their situation forced them and they adapt themselves for the profession. If they come out of that profession who will provide a job what they will do for their life. Just think of it and behave with humanity and let give a opportunity for them those who try to come out of those profession. just look around the images and think about their life.

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