It’s in your DNA.

This may sound like a sentimental reason but it’s not. If your gut tells you that it’s what you’re meant to do, that it’s your destiny, then you should consider it, especially if your instincts have served you well in the past. Be a Someone who actually grew up with it so their risk tolerance is high.

If you want to be an entrepreneur doesn’t search for a reason, go for your passion. Our past generation was not adopted themselves to the comfortable environment they faced the competitive environment so they are all an entrepreneur so that the qualities are hidden in us too, but the comfortable environment make you addicted as an employer. which is the most most competitive environment getting a job or starting a business. Absolutely it is business because while getting a job you have participated in a competition for one time but in business every day is a competition. Most of youngsters are not ready to become an entrepreneur because of the one word which was always echoed by this society “you can’t”. suppose one overcome these words and done an attempt and if that attempt is failed then another word will echoed by the society is I already told that “You can’t” Then automatically that person will stop the attempt and go for some comfortable environment. I need to tell a story about an Elephant to make you to know about your qualities.

11403501_964282316943235_2277697484395713833_nOnce a stranger went to temple he saw that an elephant was tied with a small chain he was surprised and stunned by seeing this, the elephant can break the chain but it doesn’t do any attempt. He went to the Mahout and asked that, the elephant can easily break the chain with his strength but why it doesn’t do that?  The Mahout smiled & said while the elephant was as a calf it was tied with these chains it tried lot of time but it can’t broke the chain. So it has the mindset that it can’t break the chain and it stopped his attempt to broke. The stranger really felt for the elephant, that it can break the chain within a minute but it doesn’t do because of the failure in it’s earliest attempts.

Likewise most of us were stopped our attempt because of the failures we met. The word which makes you to stop the attempt is “You can’t”. It is like the chain but you have the strength like elephant in yourself so don’t stop your attempt, try, try until you got success. Be a competitor & Become an Entrepreneur Its in your DNA.


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