Good Reason to become an entrepreneur


what is the good reasons to become an entrepreneur?

There are loads of answers like You get to be your own boss, do your own thing, set your own hours, benefit a cause, achieve personal fulfilment, be happy, and steer clear of the evil tyranny of the corporate world, to name a few.
The only problem is that none of those are good reasons to start your own business because they’re all self-serving. All that popular dogma is nothing but feel-good nonsense manufactured by some gossiper. But the successful entrepreneur will tell that the reason is customer value.

You need to gave better solution for big problem

Want to become an entrepreneur then you must be good decision maker. you’ve got to have a solid problem statement and a solution that’s way better than anything out there.

The dream team comes together

you must have a good team with you like Bill Gates and Paul Allen.When talented people with shared interests who complement each other’s skill sets come together, sparks fly and great endeavours are born.

Should be passionate

 If you’re so passionate about something that it’s all you think about and you don’t believe anyone else knows how to do it right, then striking out on your own may very well be the right path for you.

Opportunity knocks

opportunity knocks once a good proverb. opportunity just happens to fall in your lap, you owe it to yourself to go for it or risk spending the rest of your life wondering what might have been. If the universe is trying to tell you something, it’s a good idea to listen, especially if there’s funding involved

You’re desperate

the only thing you must have to be a entrepreneur is RISK taker. You should highly motivated to take risk . Also, if no one will hire you, what have you got to lose? If necessity is the mother of invention then desperation is the father of motivation.

You have mega-experience.

” If you barrow a fish you will eat one day if you learn to fishing you will eat daily ” An altered quote.
what swami vivekanantha told is If you want to be owner first of all you must be a labour. So ready to learn and make experienced yourself.

You’re accomplished at something in demand

Expertise is a great reason to start a company, as long as you’re near the top of your field or have a truly differentiated value proposition.Your capability can be anything from coding or product design to cooking, but if it’s a crowded field, beware.
Look at it this way. Markets are competitive and customers couldn’t care less about your self-serving motives for being in business. For your company to succeed over the long haul, customers have to see a strong, differentiated value proposition to buy your products or services instead of a market full of alternatives. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter what your reasons are for being an entrepreneur. You won’t be successful.


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