Education not only Learned in schools & Colleges. Human is learning from his birth, ya at the time of birth he starts crying that is the first lesson in his life.The first cry of a human teaches him the difference between the Sanctum sanctorum and world. This was mentioned in Tamil “ Thottil palakkam sudukaadu varai“. He will learn until his death. Until School the book learning is OK But in the college and PG, he wants to learn about how he going to face the society after his studies. but the thing now we follow is just memorizing the books. There is no use of learning just in books he must learn from the society and he must learn practically. The perfect Education is making him understand the life. It is a very difficult one to convey a message in a way which you think and making the receiver in the same way.

If a person learns about himself then he is the perfect leaner.

– Kumaresan Selvaraj



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