A smile is a word which is the symbol of joy. The smile rise only in our faces while we are in happy that the time what we will do?  we always think of our self only, not about others who surround us. Real happiness is not enjoying yourself,  it is all about making smile in others face.

If you make smile in others face you are the HERO for that person. Just think you can easily make a person happy. by sharing your lunch with your colleague, or sharing your sweet memories with your friend, each and every action of your daily activities can make smile on the faces who all surround you by your behavior. if you do this regularly you always be a hero to someone.

Happy surroundings always give you a good vibration to your mind to do any work in your life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SMILE FOR ME  

Kumaresan Selvaraj



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